field lab MUC-AMS update

Workshop at MCBW in Munich

Cities of Things will organize a workshop during the yearly Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) on 16 May 2022 (13:30 – 15:30 at MunichUrbanColab).

Since the signing of the renewed Letter of Intent for the Creative Embassy MUC-AMS and Workshop “Cities of Things” on 11 October last year in Munich we have been developing the ideas on an innovative neighborhood hub. We discussed them in a hybrid session in Amsterdam on 23 March. The Munich Creative Business Week forms the perfect setting for our next meeting in presence.
Our aim is to continue the scope discussion for the first Amsterdam-Munich project within the Cities of Things field lab, regarding a community hub as a platform designed for the neighborhood residents that uses intelligent technology to organize logistics and intelligent use and flows of goods. Can we design a neighborhood, where people need less private space (housing) due to efficiently organised sharing and storage concepts? Can this new neighborhood at the same time contribute to better social cohesion?
We are looking for your thoughts about pilot neighborhoods in Munich and Amsterdam, defining the common as well as specific local goals and plan the next steps towards a pilot project together). We are looking for partners from a quadruple helix approach: partners from the (creative) industry, from research institutions, from the city administrations as well as partners from neighborhood platforms.

We are happy to have a great group of people joining the workshop. We keep you posted on this website with the results!

More information and registration via MCBW.