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Wijkbot at Smart & Social Fest

Friday 21 April, we will discuss the progress of the Wijkbot project in a workshop at Smart & Social Fest, organised by the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Next to the discussion workshop, it is possible to use the Wijkbot kit to create an urban robot!

On Smart & Social Fest:

  • Walk with Wijkbot
  • Build your own neighbourhood robot

(Translated from Dutch)

Walk with Wijkbot

By: Tomasz Jaskiewicz (Lecturer Hogeschool Rotterdam) and Iskander Smit (Cities of Things).

Location: EMI op Zuid

Time: 13:00-15:15

Small, autonomous vehicles, such as delivery robots, robot attendants or autonomous rubbish trucks, are starting to pop up more and more often in Rotterdam and will in all likelihood be commonplace in a few years’ time. Will they turn our neighbourhoods into a sci-fi utopia or bring new problems and obstacles instead? During this session, we will walk through the Afrikaanderwijk under the guidance of a robot (specifically a neighbourhood robot prototype), look at the neighbourhood through the robot’s sensor eyes and ears, and take a critical look at possibilities to shape these technologies in such a way that they directly support what is really important to the residents.

Would you like to learn how to make a robot yourself? Then sign up for the workshop ‘Create your robot for the neighbourhood’, 15.00 – 16.30 in Stadslab Rotterdam.

The new robot in preparation

Make a Robot for Your Neighbourhood

By: Brian de Lange, Elise van Beurden

Location: Stadslab

Time: 15:00-16:30

The city is changing; besides a city of people, a ‘city of things’ is emerging, in which more intelligent objects appear on our streets that act and act on their own initiative. Think, for instance, of care robots or delivery robots in restaurants. In this workshop, you will build a low-tech prototype of your own idea for a city robot and critically reflect on its effects on Rotterdam and its inhabitants. The Stadslab will provide materials and robots for participants to unleash their ideas.

Note: Participants can use the equipment in the City Lab. Prior technical knowledge is not required.

Earlier robots made at IoT hackathon 2022